Asian Actor Sexy Photos scandal: When Edison Chen encounters Gillian Chung Vincy Yeung

Asian Actor Sexy Photos scandal: When Edison Chen encounters Gillian Chung Vincy Yeung Candice Chen

Since January 27, 2008, Edison Chen sex scandal has rumored a lot in Hong Kong and other parts of the world. Some celebrities, such as Jolin Tsai, Shu Qi, ELLA KOON and Elva Hsiao, have been influenced to some extent. And their fame and credit has been deteriorated and injured. Especially, Edison Chen’s current girlfriend, Vincy Yeung, only 19 years old, has been involved.

Chinese famous singer-actors, including Jolin Tsai, Vincy Yeung, Shu Qi, ELLA KOON and Elva Hsiao, have offered a Hong Kong 50 millions (about 9 million US dollars) reward to anyone who has obscene photographs or uncensored naked pictures of them. These singers or actors aim to getting rid of the rumors on them.

Today, Singer actor Elva Hsiao added that she would donate NT$100m ($4.5m) to charity if such photos surfaced, reported Apple Daily.

Now, their offer comes weeks after the Hong Kong entertainment world was rocked by the obscene photo scandal involving Chinese-Canadian singer and actor Edison Chen and several female celebrities.

Jolin Tsai, 27 years’ old, and Elva Hsiao, 28 years’ old, have been romantically linked to Edison and Hong Kong media reported that they risk being ‘exposed’.

So far, though, no photos of either performer has surfaced. The photographs of other women were stolen from Edison’s laptop when he sent it for repair in 2006.

The photos were said to have been leaked by employees of a computer-repair shop from a faulty laptop believed to belong to Edision Chen.

Besides searching his computer, the police also required Edison Chen to answer whether 18-year-old Vincy Yeung Yang, who is the niece of the boss of Chen’s agent company, was above the age of 16 when she was snapped nude in shower.

Other female celebrities, including Chinese Singer-Actors Shu Qi, ELLA KOON, Fiona Sit, Stephy Tang and Jill Vidal who, according to some reports, probably have naked pictures Embroiled in Edison Chen Sex Scandal. They all have take relevant actions to dispel some negative influence.
INNOCENCE or Hideout – My Million dollars baby

Jolin and Elva also said in media releases that they would take legal action against defamatory reports about them.

Elva’s media release promised to donate NT$100m to charity if any obscene photos of her were found to begenuine.

Edison’s management company, the Rich & Famous Talent Management Group, declined comment on the latest move by Jolin and Elva.
Jolin Tsai Mandy Chen and Elva Hsiao – Million dollars babies

Not long ago in a media release and on her blog, Elva Hsiao denied having had a liaison with Edison. More about Candice Chen mandy chen sex photos

She said, ‘I have never had a relationship with Edison Chen, so I could not have possibly been featured in any obscene photos or videos.’

Jolin Tsai said in the release: ‘I don’t understand why some people try to tarnish my reputation each time I cut a new album.’

Jolin, meanwhile, wants the police to release the names of all the women whose nude photos were found on Edison’s computer, reportedly so that innocent parties would not have to suffer.

Also, The media in Hong Kong has reported that there are obscene photos of a woman resembling Jolin, but closer examination confirmed that the woman in the photographs is not her.

Jolin Tsai has a tattoo on her left arm, but the fake photographs do not show it.

Also news: Jolin Tsai, Vincy Yeung, Shu Qi, Fiona Sit, Stephy Tang and Jill Vidal, the four Chinese actors is said to be involved into the Hong Kong Celebrity Sex Scandal after Gillian Chung, Cecilia Cheung, Vincy Yeung and Ella Koon. Somen news even said, naked pictures or nude photos of Ella Koon, Shu Qi, Fiona Sit, Stephy Tang and Jill Vidal leaked in a night, probably by Kiya the Hero.

Jolin Tsai whose name has been tainted by this scandal has asked for the Hong Kong police to release the list of female starlets implicated in this. Elva Hsiao is also implicated in this because of past links with Edison Chen.

News also: Gangsters Would Pay $91k for One of Edison Chan Hands. At first, Hong Kong triads were said to want actor Edison Chen dead.

Now, word has it that an underworld figure has offered a HK$500,000 ($91,000) reward to hack off one of his hands, reported Apple Daily Hong Kong.

Edison Chen has apparently been targeted by the triads after hundreds of obscene photos of him and several female celebrities like Bobo Chan and Gillian Chung were stolen from his laptop computer and posted on the Internet.

OK, now you’ve read the report that Asian Actor Sexy Photos scandal: When Edison Chen encounters Gillian Chung Vincy Yeung. What do you think about it? Anything to say?

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