Chinese celebrity sex photos scandal makes an Internet stir in Hong Kong Entertainment Circle

Edison Chen Sex Scandal Revealed: Chinese celebrity sex photos scandal makes an Internet stir in Hong Kong Entertainment Circle

The HONG Kong police said they have retrieved the IP addresses of more than 30 Internet users who allegedly posted nude pictures of a local actor and actress in bed, shocking the city’s entertainment industry, China News Service reported today.

The report cited Hong Kong media as saying that police in the special administrative region has already required several locally-registered Websites and BBS management firms to submit information about their clients. Police suspect the clients leaked the obscene.

The picture of a man, who looks like 28-year-old Hong Kong actor Edison Chan, and a woman, suspected to be actress Gillian Chung, 27, was posted on a Hong Kong Website early this week. It soon became a massive draw among Internet users across the country.

More than 100 police officers have been sent to investigate the case and police warned local Websites that they should delete the pictures at once as they have the responsibility to stop crimes, the report said.

The police department held a meeting this week with more than 200 people who are responsible for major Hong Kong Websites and BBS communities, the report added.

The picture, which is shot in dark light, showed both naked on a hotel bed.

The Emperor Group, the agency of both Chan and Chung, denied the couple in the picture were its artists and said the pictures were faked. The firm said it will seek a lawsuit against those behind the “fake” pictures.

Chan played a role in “Internal Affairs,” the top box office draw ever in Hong Kong’s film industry. The film was later adapted by Hollywood director Martin Scorsese as “The Departed.”

Chung is a member of the most popular female singing group Twins along with Charlene Choi.

The report quoted an unnamed detective on the case who said that the pictures may have been taken with a cell phone camera.

Edison Chen (陈冠希), Bobo Chan (陈文媛), Gillian Chung (钟欣桐) and Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝), the four Chinese Hong Kong celebrities, are currently involved in an embarrassing sex photo scandal that has whipped up a storm in China and the rest of the Chinese-speaking world.

It all started on 27 January when various photographs of people resembling the above-named celebrities were all posted one after the other including the Hong Kong Discussion Forum. The photos in question included:

A girl resembling Gillian Chung (from the squeaky-clean group Twins) with breasts peeking out from her bikini and her legs spread apart. In another picture, a man resembling Edison Chen performs cunnilingus on her.
A girl resembling Bobo Chan (Edison Chen’s ex girlfriend) performing fellatio on him, with his love lollipop in full glory.
A dazed-looking Cecilia Cheung posing in uniform in one picture, and nude in a bathroom in another.

The pictures were released in a phased rollout, leaving eager netizens “waiting all night and all day at the various bulletin board systems in Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China”. Chung’s company, Emperor Entertainment, soon declared the pictures to be photoshopped fakes and Ming Pao Daily News, Apple Daily, Oriental Daily News and The Sun took that position in their front page stories subsequently. But as more and more photos were released into public domain, the newspapers soon changed their tune.

UPDATE! Hong Kong now has all 1300 pictures from Edison’s laptop. We will be posting them over the next few days. Check back to see them here!

Maggie Q naked pictures have now been released.

There are picture sets of girls we haven’t been able to positively identify yet, so once we post them, we’ll need readers to help us give those girls a name.

Pictures of Bobo are coming as well. It takes time to prepare the pictures so be patient.

Update 2-15: To see Edison Chen and Mandy Chen pictures CLICK HERE

UPDATE 2-14: Kira leaked two NEW pictures today. Who is the girl?
To see the pictures CLICK HERE

Update 2-14: To see Edison Chen and Rachel Ngan pictures CLICK HERE

Update 2-14: To see Edison Chen and Candice Chan pictures CLICK HERE

Update 2-12: To see Edison Chen and Gillian Chung pictures CLICK HERE

Update 2-12: To see Jolin Tsai pictures CLICK HERE

Update 2-11: To see Edison Chen and Cecilia Cheung pictures CLICK HERE

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UPDATE 2-3-2008:There are eight new pictures just added below. There are a few new

female stars show in these pictures that are now part of this scandal. Check the pictures to see which ones they are. Pictures 17, 18, and 21 provide more proof of the female star identities.

seventeen | eighteen


2-15: Edison Chen Returning to Hong Kong on Sunday

2-14: Bai Ling Mug Shot

2-14: Bai Ling Arrested at LAX

2-13: Nicolas Tse and Cecilia Cheung Separate Over Scandal
The article includes a messy history of Cecilia’s cheating, and details how she was seeing many men at the same time.

2-13: Gillian Chung Returns To Work
Gillian is still trying to look like an innocent school girl.

2-11: Charlene Choi sat next to Gillian Chung today in a news conference, which was Gillian’s first public appearance since the Edison Chen scandal hit the news.

Gillian apologized. However, Gillian looked like she was having so much fun at the press conference, it’s hard to believe she is sincerely sorry, but rather sorry she was caught, and the whole scandal made public. Meanwhile, Ming Pao, a Hong Kong newspaper, reported that negotiations for Gillian’s pop duo, Twins, to endorse a toothpaste company in mainland China for HK$4 million have fallen through as a result of the scandal. Hong Kong Disneyland pulled from its website a Chinese New Year advertisement featuring Gillian’s band Twins. However, a spokesperson for Disney denied that the withdrawal had anything to do with the scandal and said that the length of the campaign was decided upon long beforehand.

Here’s the Gillian Chung news conference video.

2-11: Edison Chen, the only male celebrity to be implicated by the scandal, will return to Hong Kong to face the media this week, his management confirmed today.

Ms Leung, of East Asia Music, said that Edison will arrive back in Hong Kong on Thursday or Friday. She denied that he had left the country to avoid the fallout from the scandal. Edison is supposedly going to help police catch the insider who is releasing the photos. Today Hong Kong authorities caught the ninth suspect without Edison’s help. There have been protests in the streets, and complaints that Edison is just as guilty as the suspects who have been caught. There are also complaints that the people involved are getting a free pass because they are celebrities.

2-11: Miriam Yeung, who made an appearance yesterday at a Chinese New Year event at Harbour City as guest of honour, and is Edison Chen’s godsister, said she had been sending text messages of support, but did not wish to comment on the scandal.

As for suggestions that her name will also appear on the list of female celebrities involved in the scandal, Miriam said that she did not want to comment any further and with the scandal bringing down the general morality in society, she did not want to perpetuate the reports any further. When reporters asked if her parents had questioned her about the incident, she said that her mother trusts her completely and she has her own integrity, so after 12 years in the industry, she has no need to explain herself.

2-11: Nat Chan, Bobo Chan’s former boss, said that he had not called her when the scandal hit the news, but said that he was quite worried about her situation. As for suggestions that her engagement had been cancelled as a result of the scandal, Nat refused to comment.


Edison Chen has had his advertisements for Manhattan Titanium, a credit card company, pulled, as a result of the ongoing naughty photos scandal, Sing Tao Daily, a Hong Kong newspaper, reported today. The advertising campaign was launched last month.

This is the latest blow for the Hong Kong star, after being cut from an upcoming movie last Tuesday. Columbia Pictures announced that its film Jump, a joint production with Stephen Chow’s company Star Overseas, which was due for release 1

May, had been put back until 1 October. The Hong Kong-made film was to star Edison alongside Kitty Zhang.

Sing Tao Daily estimated that the scandal could cost Edison, who was seen as one of the coolest entertainers in Hong Kong showbiz, HK$10m a year in work and endorsements.

The newspaper reported that Edison earned over HK$2m as an actor last year, including his voiceover work for the Cantonese version of Shrek the Third.

Edison’s reputation has recently been boosted by roles in Hollywood films like The Grudge 2 and the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight.

Sing Tao Daily reported that Edison could demand a HK$400,000 fee for a 20-minute singing performance.

Sponsors of Edison include Pepsi, Levi’s, Jacobs & Co, Samsung and EPS. Sing Tao Daily estimated that the star could demand HK$1m for each endorsement.

A Pepsi spokesperson said that the company would not drop Edison but are constantly monitoring the situation. An EPS spokesperson said the same.

Edison’s company Clot Inc also does a lot of collaborative work with companies like Nike and Coach.

2-10: A source told Oriental Daily News, a Hong Kong newspaper, that Edison Chen, the only male celebrity implicated by the scandal, who reportedly flew to the US to avoid the media commotion, has become depressed, reclusive and unwilling to eat. The source told Hong Kong’s bestselling daily that Edison had been advised by his lawyers not to talk to reporters. The source said that Edison’s family and friends are deeply concerned about the star’s wellbeing. Edison released a recorded message last Monday, but has not appeared in public or in the media since. Legal professionals say Edison himself could be held legally liable since he did not take reasonable and prudent action to protect the naughty pictures on his laptop before turing it over to a technician for repair.

2-9: Jackie Chan was asked about the recent news that pictures of Edison Chen’s current girlfriend Vincy Yeung, have been released, Jackie asked the reporters who Vincy was. When Jackie was told that Vincy is the daughter of Ricky Yeung, brother of EEG boss Albert Yeung, Jackie seemed uncomfortable and wanted to leave. As he left, Jackie said that he will be quite busy in the near future because he will be filming some promotional clips for the Olympic Games equestrian events, that will be held in Hong Kong. He revealed that he will be doing some horse-riding and also going to Athens to help with the delivery of the Olympic flame. Jackie was at an event providing China Snowstorm relief.

2-8: Netizens reported that a video of Edison Chen and Maggie Q involved in intimate acts had surfaced on the web. It was rumoured that the intimate tape showed up on a Hong Kong discussion board, but was swiftly removed by moderators.

Even before the scandal broke, Maggie was widely reported in Hong Kong newspapers to have dated Edison a few years ago.

2-6: BoBo Chan was engaged to marry stock market genius, Philip Jin Zi Yao, however, after the scandal hit the news Phillip’s mother ordered him to end his relationship with Bobo. Reports say Bobo cried for many days.

1-31: Stephy Tang was asked if she is worried that she will be next to be dragged into the scandal, she replied that she is not worried, because she has never had naughty pictures taken of her. Stephy also commented that if someone digitally faked her into such photos, she would discuss the matter with her company, and depending on the situation, they would decide what action to take.

Appendix: Edison Chen girlfriends list

Maggie Q – Was actually dating Daniel Wu, but broke up thanks to Edison

Elva Hsiao – Hung out at night spot
Amanda S – Through filming

Gillian Chung – Former colleagues, fought with Shawn Yue over herRain Lee – Through public event

Bobo Chan – Infamous girlfriend link but later broke up
Niki Chow – Through movie filming, caught catching a concert together

Cecilia Cheung – Dated Edison soon after first broke-up with Nicholas Tse

Stephy Tang – Met at Taiwanese nite-spot, acted in movie together
Cherrie Ying – Through filming
Rosanne (2R) – She courted Edison instead and had many secret meetings

Jolin Tsai – Through MV filming
Miriam Yeung – Older woman, young boy relationship

2006 and now
Vincy Yeung – Niece of EEG boss, Albert Yeung

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